Thursday, February 26, 2009

Neutering Tacoma.

So, our sweet dog, Tacoma, while behaving much better thanks to our training classes, and forced discipline, and hot dog treats, is still presenting problems. I watched him walk into the living room, prop up his leg, and take a wiz on the couch. Marking his territory in case any ladies came by.

He has testosterone. And us americans, lets be honest, we have been known to cut that out. Neuter the thing. It seems a metaphor for how we have dealt with testosterone. the answer everyone gives is, neuter the guy.

My wife is screaming it too.

Ok, it costs a few bucks. which is not really something I am that excited about spending. but, there is something in me, that is hesitant. something deeper for me. there is a wild, maybe semi-wild animal, running lose in our house, and I am told to drop his levels so we can live in a normal house, and not deal with it. What should we do? Ok, its a dog. I know. But why does that feel the answer to how America has responded to maleness? And why does it seem we are so in trouble as a culture because of it? What if we learned to live with it, work around it, honor it, and let the boy be a boy, and the dog, well, be a male dog with his junk in tact.

I don't know what we will do yet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writing a book with your help.

Hey. I am not sure who reads the ramblings of this blog. But I appreciate you glancing here every once in awhile. The thing about blogs for the most part are they are a one way conversation. The blog talks, people read it. But as my friend, Jon Dale explains ( there are new ways to communicate. Better ways depending on the purpose.

I have put up chapters I have been working on for a new book on this site in past posts. But it seemed a bit impersonal. We really had no way of really communicating. Well, there is a new form to do it in, called Ning. I have started a website specifically for feedback and your thoughts, and conversations about it. My editor thinks that we might be able to put some of the stories in the book, and to be honest, I would really love your feedback as I write. I have a few months left, and I am finding with those who leave thoughts, stories, and critique, that it helps think through these topics, and influences the editing process.

If you would like to join in the discussion, and be in the process, join up at

Thanks. And looking forward to making this blog as random thoughts that come.

A quick update, not worth mentioning on a full blog is that our dog is slowly learning a few things. But he did lift his left and pee right on our chest in the house two days ago. Marking his territory. which makes me think that either I have been gaining some territory for him to have to re-mark, or we are in a showdown.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Over our heads.

Cory and I have spent the better part of almost three years beginning the ministry, Training Ground. I can't think of how many days, and moments we have felt over our head. From the very start, we had to learn everything. How do you raise support? What is the biblical version? How do we build a website? Recruiting? Oh, gosh. How does that work. Then the program, what do we put in it? What does a young man need? We are going into the wilderness, we need a guide to map that out.

I think the grace of it all, is that we couldn't pretend we knew what we were doing. We hadn't enough life, or years, or experience in anything to fake our way through it. Though, that has always been some portion. It has had to fall on the help and support of men.

That has probably been the greatest gift. We meet with some of the most amazing people, from fundraising, foundations, to ideas, and recruiting, and they honestly help us, like a father would a son. They are scattered all over this country. We keep asking them questions, and they keep giving us answers. We have a pile of notes from every man imaginable, and somewhere in all that, is God, and our hearts being directed. as we lean into it, and the Spirits lead.

I am a perfectionist, so I strive for getting it righ, and want to be the best. And the odd thing about throwing yourself in this job is that, you really can't. you can never get the website just right. never fundraise the way you want to. or care for the guides in the way they truly deserve. And yet, the men keep offering, and taking their time to help us.

It is such a gift to live as a son. needing help. and while I am yet to be a father, I hope it is just as much on the other end.

I encourage you to throw yourself into something you have no understanding of, but the heart. and see who might direct you. it would seem that every man just wants to be asked.