Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Socialism or Capitalism?

I've been dabbling a bit in learning about social and economic theories. I would have never known I cared about these things a few years ago, but I am seeing how much those are some big forces in the world, and why we fight so many wars. And it seems some important issues we are going to be having to think through.

I've asked a few people some questions about it. And while it is not substantial at this point, it seems the great divide over the last 100 plus years has been this issue. These deep philosophers who have driven us to two polar views. Our cold war, our Vietnam war, and so much has been against communism and fears of the red scare, that we were headed for a socialism. And we hear the rumors of it again. We are becoming a socialist country. What does that really mean?

What is socialism anyways? I admit I am one of the dumb americans who gets afraid, not knowing for so long what it even meant. well, I am probably still on the uninformed side, but trying to get me an edumucation in it.

I have wondered if capitalism says, "we live in a fallen world. lets take advantage of it. and motivate people by some of those fallen needs (and good needs too)" When socialism says, "Lets bring heaven down to earth, now, and, well, forget about God, let's be God (the state)."

Neither seem a right answer to me.

If we look at God's story in a few parts. Creation(past). Fall(present). And then Heaven coming down to earth (future). (very simplified)You can kind of imagine why socialism is not some evil thing, but maybe a desire to bring a community of peace and equality with a longing to make it happen today (all of course, under the dictator and governments control and sway).

I think what we must look at in understanding what is the right model is what will we one day experience in the New Earth. Read the book, Heaven, by Randy Alcorn for some great scriptural views, and Alcorns interpretation of what The Word says about the New Heavens, and New Earth.

The economic model there, is something we need to usher on earth, as in Heaven.

With a world that does not know Jesus, this is where things get messed up. We are living out our desires of the fall, and our desires for heaven. We long in some ways for peace. But as Christians, we know it will never happen apart from Jesus coming.

But the world is trying to make their model work, not knowing God, or really inviting him into the story.

I think for now, I am not sure if I am all for capitalism. but I sure don't think socialism, with the state becoming the owner, and telling us who we are, and what we do (being God) either. And what CEO's to fire (current administration)is the answer either.

But I do find it interesting that capitalism has claimed religion, and been associated deeply with christianity in its banner cry. while socialism tries to kick God out and be God for its people. Its been something I have few answers for. but wondering about that.

especially because from what I understand some of the greatest conversions to Christianity, are not necessarily coming from capitalist governments right now. But those places that kicked God out. China, Russia, Vietnam. And where does Christianity seem to be losing its strength?

I wish this was an easier topic.