Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A mother's words about her son...

I received this today in an email, a short description of a single mother's view of her son. I thought it was deep, and priceless. If we only all had mothers like this...

Anthony Heinz
12 yrs old.
Amazing artist,
Aspiring musician (bass Drums Elec Guitar)
Lover of all kinds of weapons.

Mostly loves his mom. ;)

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Erica said...

I'd wanted to chat with you at the church picnic, but didn't get the chance. I've been very encouraged reading the blogs and I have to say I hadn't comprehended at all what the vision of Training Ground really was. It's so unique and nessecary. I'm really moved by the way so many are invited to offer themselves to these young men. You said it before, but it's just as moving for the older ones to give as for the younger ones to receive. Reading about what is going on makes me feel the loss of this kind of community in our world. Thank you for staying in the struggle I know it took to bring it into existance. I'm excited to see how it continues to evolve.