Sunday, July 08, 2007

The next generation.

We had a beautiful evening up at the cabin tonight. A man we met along the way, who actually sold us furniture at Sofa Mart came up with his son. He taught some cooking skills, grilling things, and brought his 16 year old son, James.

Throughout this process, of inviting young men into their masculine hearts, taking them out, serving, and loving on them, the question always is... what will they do with this? Where will they take it? The fear is... it will remain within, not unleashed, or given away again.

After our meal, we gathered around the fire, a tradition we have with our guests. A beautiful evening, little wind, cool Colorado temperatures, and Cory and I brought the question to the 4 young men in the program, what words would you offer James, and in your experience of high school, and the quest to become a man.

We sat for a good two hours as the 4 young men shared their hearts, their stories, and experiences while they have been here. They were honest, self-aware, courageous, and offering their stories, and wisdom to this young man. He seemed a bit nervous, all this attention on him. But that didn't matter. Almost made it all the more important.

I think tonight, it became real. What is happening here. What the young men are growing and becoming. The fire, and the meals we have had at the cabin have been about older men offering their wisdom, and experience. And tonight, those same young men who have sat over that fire, learning, listening, and receiving, gave out of their hearts, and from their discoveries. As if they were the men. It almost sounded like a bunch of old men sharing their experiences. And in some ways, these 4 young men have so much to share, and speak from. Their hearts, their lives, and the promises of God, and what he is doing in their lives.

Another generation was reached tonight. And these 4 young men gave away what they have been given. I just sat there, listening, and in amazement. I am not a father, but it was one of those moments, where you just felt so proud to be there, listening, and knowing that no matter what fears, doubts, and questions that have come each day, from our fundraising, to our own personal journeys of still needing much of this ourselves, God is at work, and it continues to be passed down.

The stories of the men... the stories of these young men... now sharing the stories to even younger men.

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Luke said...

And that night will not be the end of it. Those young men will continue to pass down what has been given to them, including the vision of sitting with younger men that follow. They will offer themselves just like men have offered to them. What is happening there is so good, so significant. Keep fighting. Those men and many to follow need you. I am proud of you.