Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hunting with God.

My friend, Nathan Johnson, has been blogging a bit about his experience of elk hunting, and walking with God in it. Few of us ask God questions, and invite him into the big things in life, and I am encouraged to see what it means to ask him about the things like Nathan asks. I would encourage you to read some of them...

Jesus talks about being ruler over the little things... and although hunting elk is no little endeavor, it makes me wonder as we grow, what we will ask him. I was encouraged, and decided to spend this day off, not just making a list of things to do, and tracking them down. But ask God, what should I do next? I could never complete all my things. But maybe if I did the ones I felt his spirit lead me on, maybe then I could look at the day, and say, I did what I felt the Lord had for me, and not feel like such a failure in not doing the rest. Thanks, Nate.

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