Monday, November 03, 2008

Earthlink. Woes.

I recently was charged $21.99 to my account from an earthlink account. I had signed up for the free service awhile back, used it for about a week, and stopped. Problem was I never canceled. It was a 6 month free subscription. Till the 31st of this month. Thus, my regular charge kicked in. $21.99. I have not used the account for 5 months. But I never canceled. So, I called up to cancel 3 days after being charged for this month's service, and with the hope they would consider my request to refund my money.

I spoke with a gentleman, and then a supervisor named Jeremiah. He was a gracious man, explained the policies, and how he would not be able to refund the money. I understood their dilemmna. Why give money back to a customer who is leaving? He should have read the policies, etc. I understand. They would rather keep my $21.99 then see my side. And to be honest, I can at least respect that as a business model. I clicked that little box thing with the million words that somewhere in there had their policies. My fault.

But what they lost, guaranteed is a customer for life. Maybe I would never come back to them, anyways. they are probably backing on that $21.99 gamble, than getting me back one day. it was worth it to them. but what I mentioned to the supervisor as they send it on, is to put my blog site, and let them know that I would be sharing their policies on my blog. and that I will be recommending to everyone to choose another internet provider. not earthlink. they have their policies, and well, this was mine. share it with a few of you.

The power of the internet is we actually have more of a voice. and I would love to see Earthlink help a brother out, and show some grace. We could all use it in this economy.

I hope they respond. I would love to share that with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd like to link to your blog from mine. I'm not sure what the rules are on that. I've referenced your blog (indirectly) several times and I'd like for more people I know to read it. Now they can go from mine to Lindsay's (I'm supposed to tell you I know her) to yours. I'd just like to give them the option of going direct. Please let me know if that's ok. Thanks

Dennis Stevens said...

I was really relating to your situation and remember how I felt getting charged for something that I signed up for and forgot about, yuck. Up to the point that you said "my fault" you were right on. Then you begin blaming Earthlink supervisor Jeremiah for not extending "grace" to you for your negligence. They did provide you with 6 months of free service even though you didn't use it, and they charged you just like they said they would. My beef with your response is that you are using your "power of voice" to bully and justify your own negligence. I was embarrassed for you to read this blog and saddened at the sense of entitlement that you have. As you know in the Wilderness there are teachable moments that come with natural consequences. This is a teachable moment, swallow your pride man. You should be apologizing to Jeremiah for your arrogance, you've exposed just how shallow you are here and undermined your own credibility. I like your ministry idea but I'm not sure I could ever send my son or recommend your program to someone I know because of this kind of attitude. I teach my son that the definition of manhood as Robert Lewis spells it out in "Raising A Modern Day Knight" is a Real Man 1.Rejects Passivity 2.Accepts Responsibility 3.Leads Courageously 4.Expects the greater reward. Xan, do yourself a favor and re-think this blog. I think you've probably lost a customer for life from me.

Xan Hood said...

As far as being on the blog, would be honored, Linsday is such a good woman, send her my hellos.

And Steven, wow. there are moments in life when you get hit with a knock on the face, and not sure where it came from, or why, but as I read your words, I felt very called out. and exposed. and shame. thought, crap. I need to take this blog off. delete your exposing comment. and as I sat in it, I thought, you are too right in that entitlement thing. though I wish it were not true, there it was. another layer. here in a public way. i thought it was gone. while some of your words felt a bit critical of me, i realized, i had only received from what I gave out as well. so, thank you. being exposed stinks. but if I am to write publicly, i need to also let that be seen as well. and thanks for showing me that. Jesus come for me on that.

DuaneStephenPovey said...

Xan, I read this post with the same thoughts as Dennis, but what really made this a quality post was your response. Well done for not shrinking back at Dennis' comments and quickly deleting them. Your attitude was that I'm gonna man up to this underlying attitude within myself. We need more men to stand up and take responsibility for his actions, even if its gonna cost him.