Saturday, September 05, 2009

Buffalo & Co.

I regret not posting in awhile. Life has been quite busy. I actually read a fascinating book, Money, Greed, and God by Jay Richards. a few weeks back. I don't believe a book has ever shaped me more in thinking about money and free markets.

It has taken me down some interesting paths. From thinking about micro-lending, and social enterprise, and eventually to the thought of starting a business. I have thrown together a website that I am collaborating together with a few people. It is in the very early start-up stages. But we are moving forward with it.

It is in some ways, my trying to reconcile my southern traditions of style and class of my upbringing, with a more western experience in Colorado. From blue collar roots to white collar. It is a twist on men's clothes, designing a new brand to speak to those in-between places.

It's online here...

I would love if you took a gander.