Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worship and Sex.

From what I take on the great metaphors of the gospel, it seems one of the greatest is Jesus as the groom and the church as the bride. The culmination is the meeting of full consecration, and one joining the other together, and forever. I guess, Jesus making love to his church. It is actually very beautiful, despite having to wince a minute at the thought.

It seems that our experience of worship (here and now), of entering into that holy communion has the taste of love making. Some divine experience of opening up, and inviting him in.

I find myself to be a worshiper. but I can't help to think about how we schedule our sex with God. I mean, taking the metaphor he offers us, and we schedule it. 10 a.m. on Sunday. If I take this to a much more practical place, my own wife. I can only imagine what she might say to my weekly invitation.

And that is not to mention the performance anxiety for those minutes. We have ourselves a little baby girl on the way, and with this being the only time we ever really "scheduled" all that metaphor making reality, lets just say, it was a bit difficult.

I guess that is what is hard about sunday morning worship. its kinda of, well, scheduled sex. and while, I am not trying to make a case against church, or planning the songs, or practicing for the act, I just had a beautiful time with worship, over a cigar, some pearl jam, God, and a luke warm hot tub with dirt floating around. Quite an unexpected moment of joy in all this metaphor of love. Jesus just snuck up on me in an unexpected place.